Does practicing Indoors vs. Outdoors matter?

We get this question a lot...



  1. You are outside, enjoying the blue skies & sun

  2. You can see the ball fly

  3. Sometimes you can hit off grass and at really good locations you can see what the ball does when it hits a green


  1. Enjoyment until its raining or dusty or way to hot! Or maybe it’s late in the day?

  2. Lack of social distancing

  3. No data. How far did your golf ball carry or roll? Range balls do not provide accurate visual feedback.

  4. Range balls are overused, dirty & cracked. They also cause scratches on your club faces and can damage them.

  5. Most ranges don't have target greens that provide good feedback.



  1. You get to use premium golf balls (Titleist ProV1X, Callaway Chromesoft, Srixon Z-star)

  2. Precise data: Yardage, Carry, Spin provided by using Trackman 4

  3. High quality turf which simulates fairway conditions (Doesn't hurt your wrists) and data is the same as outdoors.

  4. Cool & calm conditions

  5. Adjust playing conditions (wind, elevation) and see how the ball moves.

  6. Target greens that allow adjustments to firmness and speed; see how the ball reacts.

  7. Use swing aids whenever required or camera tripods with your coach or friends.

  8. Focused practice session

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