Transform your Putting with the Stability Shaft

We are really excited to offer you one of the best, most impactful golf products we’ve seen in quite some time. Putts can account for 40% of a golf round and while putting head designs have evolved considerably over the years, putter shafts haven’t changed much in a hundred years! Heavy, lots of torque and flex -- that worked well with small, lightweight heads. 

Well that’s changing. You may have noticed some players tour players on TV or social media, or even a few your club, with a putter shaft that looks more like a graphite mix.

In brief, Stability Shafts are lighter and stiffer than traditional putter shafts. That means that on off centre hits (quite common even for better players) or on longer putts the face deflects or rotates. Remember if your face is open or closed by more than 1° on a 12' putt, even if you aim at the center of the cup, you won’t touch it! These shafts can reduce face rotation/angle by as much as 25%. That’s huge! Lowering your scoring average by 1 shot a round can make a huge impact on tournament scoring or your weekend games.

Founded by Barney Adams, BreakThrough Golf Technology is on the forefront of innovation. Regularly challenging the boundaries to develop & provide one of the best products in recent times.

Barney started Adams Golf in 1988. He specialized in custom fitted golf clubs. The company rapidly expanded after the explosive success of the Tight Lies Fairway Woods. Adams Golf was selected as Manufacturing Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young. Barney also received the Ernie Sabayrac Award for lifetime contribution to the golf industry by the PGA of America. Barney served as Chairman of the Board of Adams Golf until June 2012 when Taylor Made purchased the company. Barney has always had the unique ability to see what is missing in golf equipment. He started Breakthrough Golf Technology after seeing that no significant innovation has been made putter shafts for decades.

Put in play during the final round of the Zurich Classic of New Orleans by Justin Rose, the Stability shaft features eight layers of high-modulus carbon fiber specifically layered, wrapped and widened, with a no‐taper design to greatly reduce torque. 

To further reinforce the flexural rigidity, a lightweight, 22‐gram aluminum insert was added, along with a 7075 aluminum connector that allows the versatile attachment to fit the tip diameter of any putter, regardless of bend profile. The steel tips were also coated with a smoke PVD finish to add further protection from corrosion and rusting.

“At 37 inches long, 125 grams and bearing an ultra-stiff flex, it’s designed to improve any golfer’s game,” Adams said. "I’ve never seen a product that can improve someone’s putting so quickly. My team found the weakest point of a steel putter shaft. They used computer analysis to place a flex-resistant insert at this weak point on the Stability design. It not only greatly increases stiffness but also adds the benefit of improved feel."

Available in three models- the Original, Tour & the Limited Edition Tour Black. Visit us to get fit or just send it in to customize from the comfort of your couch. We are amazed on how great this product is from an engineering standpoint. No surprise that It's already in our bags.

Don't miss out! Order yours now!


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