I can get demos at my club, why would I use this program? 

This program is designed for those in cities where you don’t have access to these brands or products?

Why am I paying for the demo?

If not returned to us, someone has to pay ;) If you place an order for that you will get 100% back!

Can I get any club or just 7i?

Currently we only offer a 7i as demo. That’s the industry standard. In the future we are looking at a long and short for certain models.

Can I get a different size grip on my demo?

We can do a Standard, Midsize. Our normal fitting grip are from Pure. Please specify grip size on your order. 

Can I get a loft or lie setting for the demo?

Absolutely but within reason. We will follow the max allowable specifications for a given model from the manufacturer. 

Can I get a specific shaft for the demo?

We will typically have the stock steel and graphite options available. Not all shafts are available for demos but if there's something specific let us know and we'll see if it's possible. Keep in mind, this is a guide for you and us to help you along your fitting/demo journey. 

How long do I have to return the club?

We expect the clubs to be returned within 7 days. If you required more time please contact us directly. Keep in mind we have a waiting list?

Is the club I receive the one I keep? Is it mine?

No. You return the demo and after purchase we build you a brand new club to your specification. The demo we send you is just that a ‘demo’.

Can I combine demos from multiple brands?

Of course you can!  That’s the idea of the program to you help you make a better decision. Just add those to your car when making a purchase.

There are some models or brands not listed, can you get them?

We will be adding more brands and models! But feel free to let us know if you are looking for something else and we'll see what we can do.