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We hear so much marketing nowadays that it's hard to understand what you should actually be using. Leaving aside the heads, there are over 1000 varieties of shafts & grips. Then, you couple it with terms like loft/lies, swing weight & you are in a pickle.
Finally, you just throw in the towel & purchase a "off-the-shelf" set from your local pro-shop. What you didn't think about, is the fact that you just spent a very large amount of money on something which may or may not work for you.
We suggest you take the ClubWorks way to smart golf.

Here, are 3 reasons why you should get FIT

1. Expertise: Unlike pro-shops which are not qualified/trained to understand the technicalities of a golf club, #ClubWorksIndia are certified & trained. We are in a unique position to help you understand why a specific club is good for you. Even though sales are appreciated, we are golfers ourselves & want others like us to foremost use the right clubs & enjoy the game.

2. Technology: Launch monitors like TrackMan & Capto help us zero-in on your swing patterns using numbers. Trust us, the numbers do not lie! Using our years of knowledge & experience, we can work through your patterns to find the perfect club. This further helps you improve your swing. It's not the other way around. So, you can be playing on the PGA Tour or a weekend golfer, technology can help everyone!

3. Economics: Fittings are 0.5-1% of the cost of a golf club. They are reasonable & worth the amount of time spent (approx 1 hour). Investing smart is the name of the game. Buying "off-the-rack" hurts your game & the wallet! Every session data is recorded & saved, so that when you need to upgrade from your previous purchase, we do a short session, compare data & help you make a decision. We offer great deals once you undergo a fitting. Remember, the most expensive products might not be the right one for you. Price does not dictate quality/function. Find the right club for you.

 Get fit & become a smarter golfer.

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