ClubWorks Putting Visio MiTemplate

While not everyone, can hit the ball 300 yards, everyone can make more putts! Especially those inside of 5'-10'. This innovative tool is very popular putting aid for all levels of golfers and helps with the path and face of your putter, start line, and stroke length. The template comes with the following arcs: 12°, 15°, 18°, 21°. It can be used indoors and outdoors and is a great way to vary block and random practice techniques.

Putting Visio MiTemplate

ClubWorks Putting Visio MiTemplate

Did you know that when you strike a putt, up to 95% of where it rolls is determined solely by the face angle at impact? That’s a lot!

The impact is about getting the putter face square when it contacts the ball, hitting the sweet spot of the putter, and having the putter moving through the ball. This unique putting aid helps groove that plus your path.

Probably the biggest question we get is which arc to buy. This has a lot to do with your specific stroke and really varies form player to player but that said, the best way is for us to see your stroke on camera, or a putting monitor such as #Capto. Or talk to your coach on which one to Order.

Or send us a video of your putting stroke from the top down putting down a straight line and we'll make a recommendation. Or if you can stop by our studio we can also use our fitting systems form Capto via the "sweet spot plane" to identify and recommend the correct arc.

Studio or your local Golf pro shop


Stop by our Studio or your local Golf pro shop


p.s if your local shop doesn't carry these, they should! Have them contact us today.


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