Why Not A Golf Ball Fitting?
The golf ball is a golfer’s most frequently used piece of equipment, so it’s imperative to gain trust in its performance. As consumers of the golf marketing machine, we are bombarded with "#1 Ball In Golf" line. Every tour & every professional only plays the ProV1/X. That's what is marketed well but it's not really the case. 

Every player has different body composition, moves a different way & has a variety of ways, they play golf. With golf club fitting being prevalent across the board, why not get a golf ball fitting done? 

We decided to do a test of our own! Comparing the ProV1x, TP5 & the ChromeSoft-X. The test was conducted with a variety of clubs but the major difference was noticed on the upper end of the bag. Here's a comparison done with a 4i on a stock shot. All three golf balls are designed to produce higher spin parameters among their product classes.

First up is the Taylormade TP5 golf ball. 

TP5 - Golf Ball test

ProV1X - Golf Ball Test

Then came the ProV1X '23 & below here is the data with the Chromesoft X. 

ChromeSoft X - Golf Ball Test

A distinct difference is the dispersion & accuracy of the Chromesoft X when compared to it's competitors. Leaving feel aside, the numbers speak for themselves. Higher ball speed, carry, spin & minimal side spin, the golf ball from Callaway works surprisingly well. It works for our test subject but numbers may work out differently for you.

The results show that it's important to try out options in the market & get fit for a golf ball as well. It is the one piece of equipment which is used on every shot. It definitely does matter. 

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