Break The Myth: Custom Golf Clubs

Common misconceptions around the game of golf are that it's only the technique which matters. It's all about the long hours on the range & grinding day-in & out. That may be true but as you may know it's not realistic otherwise everyone would be Tiger Woods! 

Using custom built equipment sets you up for success! It's the foundation upon which you can build a strong technique around. Regardless of age or gender, custom clubs can truly transform your game.

A slice, hook or even if you struggle with topping the golf ball, can be fixed by optimizing your equipment. A knowledgeable club-fitter won't sell you anything without understanding your progression in the game. By setting realistic expectations on what's possible, you can play better, improve quicker! 

Most stock drivers are too long for 90% of the market to use. The longer club many times will promote an "out to in" swing leading to a slice & loss in distance. During our fittings, the bulk of such problems were solved by switching to a shorter driver shaft (44.5-45"). This worked wonders & even increased carry distance. 

A large percentage of stock clubs do not get built with quality shafts. So, you may be getting a good deal but is it really worth it for the on-course experience? 

To compete in the market, many companies reduce the quality of out-sourced shafts. This is for economic reasons, but it still cuts down on potential yardage & accuracy. An hour-long club fitting session will also help you understand how the right shaft can increase forgiveness in the golf club.

Images below are a direct comparison of a stock shaft & an aftermarket (premium) shaft. Parameters such as the stated weight, grip size, length & club head were kept the same. 

Driver - Stock Shaft

Driver - Aftermarket Shaft


An understandable concern will always be pricing. We won't deny that custom clubs are costlier than a stock product. Even so, a large majority of "club-fitted" customers use their clubs anywhere between 5-7 years. The investment does pay off for itself. Our pricing remains highly competitive with options you may see abroad. With multiple options being devised during the course of a fitting, the player always has an option to purchase what fits their budget. 

The ClubWorks experience will change your game for the better. Take it from me. I was a customer too! 

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