Master That Short Game
Your game around the greens can make or break a round of golf. Many players try to focus on improvement, practice or technique but do not have a clear understanding of what is required to hit the "pitch" perfect shot. Especially under pressure. 

With the 2023 Masters on the horizon, a solid short game technique & equipment take center stage. All of the 10 last champions, were in the Top-5 in the "Strokes Gained Around The Greens" statistic. 

As club-fitters, we have analyzed & set out three key takeaways to make your short game flawless.

Your shorter wedges (LW & SW) need to cater for the course conditions. Higher bounce for damp conditions & mid-low bounce for drier conditions. Bounce affects on how the club interacts with the turf. It can cause thin or fat shots & hence, dictate the launch angle of your shots. Launch angle eventually contributes to trajectory. 

Even at Augusta, with changes in weather, player's do switch to different bounce set-ups in their wedges. It's difficult for us. As recreational golfers, it's difficult to spend that much money everytime the weather changes. But after being club-fitted, you would be made aware of what your clubs can do. With multiple bounces available, it's critical to setup your wedges for the golf courses you play.

Wedge Bounce

Every wedge has a set function & limitations. Understanding the performance of your wedges can help you when it comes to play different kind of shots. Undergoing our club-fitting process, can help you designate every wedge for a set distance, flight or spin.

For example, by using a high bounce 60° wedge out of a bunker with soft sand, it would be easier for a player to figure out how the golf ball launches & flies. Over-time, your skills out of a bunker would improve. 

Titleist SM9 Wedges - Custom

A wedge shot is just another stroke. A shot which allows us to place the ball on the green. Many players complicate their thought process & try to do way more than their skill may allow. While, sometimes it pays to be bold but count how many times just being on the green 15ft away would have helped you save one shot. Then multiply this over 5 holes & voila! You just cut down on 5 strokes. 

Let's take Dustin Johnson as an example. He has three shots with each wedge. Every shot has a carry distance & a set trajectory. Based on what he faces on the course, he selects the wedge. A common practice as weekend golfers is to fit the wedge for the shot. It's tough to do that every single time.

Keep it simple. Life's better that way.

Dustin Johnson - Augusta National GC

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