Why Is Center Contact So Important?
Shaft, grip, specifications help but many forget that the ultimate goal is to hit the center of the club-face! There is in fact a real & measurable difference when you make center contact.

Let's have a look at some driver numbers. In the first image you can visibly see the effects of inconsistent contact. Both distance & accuracy parameters are poor which in turn can lead to reduced "fairways hit" & overall distance. If you are off-the-fairway or 20 yards back, that's going to impact your game in a major way. 

Inconsistent impact on a driver

Consistent center impact on a driver

Here are 3 key takeaways from this comparison.

1. Distance: By optimizing impact location, we gained over 25 yards of just carry during the course of this fitting. Better contact leads to higher ball speed, which in turn can allow the golf ball to fly further with less spin. This helps the ball land at a shallow angle & roll out further for an increase in total distance as well.

2. Predictability: Focus your attention on the number underneath the Carry parameters in both images. An improvement of +/- 15.5 yards is impressive! By tightening dispersion patterns, a player can predict & calculate their carry distances in a variety of conditions (wind/temperature/altitude). This in-turn helps you fly bunkers, water bodies & hazards with remarkable predictability.

3. Reliability: Understanding your ball flight, the shape & direction are critical to play well on any golf course. Look at the tracers (ball flight) in the two images. It's pretty clear that center contact helps you to control the ball flight. You can start the ball in a predictable direction. That enables you to aim easier & land it accurately in a tighter landing area. 

It's important to get assessed & fit by professionals to ensure that you can learn golf with equipment designed especially for your needs. Let the experts sort it out. Get fit at ClubWorks Golf! 


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