Putter Assessment: What, Why & When?
Everyone talks about the feel of the putter. How it feels when you grip the putter in your hand or how it sits. There are so many "feels" & honestly, how do you even select a putter?


What is a Putter Fitting?
An assessment conducted using the Capto Putting device & several manual techniques to design & configure a putter which can work for a golfer in a variety of scenarios. We help you understand the basics of putter mechanics & it's effect on your stroke by using tour-caliber technology. The result would be the exact specifications for the putter head, shaft & grip. 

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Why do I need a Putter Fitting?
Everyone talks about the feel of the putter. How it feels when you grip the putter in your hand or how it sits. Whether it's a blade or mallet? It can get really confusing! Take the guesswork completely out of the equation. 

By using tour-calibre technology, we can obtain differences in basics such as face angle, loft (at impact) & lie angle. All these factors eventually help you reduce energy loss & make the ball roll it's intended distance. This improvement in data is easily identifiable when you use good technology. 

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Unlike a driver fitting where you can see a difference in your ball flight or parameters, many do feel that it's difficult to see a measurable change during a putter fitting. If you felt that way, then your fitting was not done right! 

When should I get an Assessment?
There is no such specific time. Once a year is recommended so that you can test all options in the market & compare. Our performance benchmarks are simple. An improvement of 5-10% is amazing & the player may choose whether he/she needs to change their clubs. 10-15% improvement is very high & you would be suggested to go ahead with the new set. 

What are the results like?
We present a report with clear distinctions between each putter. Every specification has an explanation so that you can make an informed decision. Based on what you decide, we can build a new putter for you. All done in house in partnership with the best brands. Work with your club fitter, builder to get performance unlike ever before.

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Whether it's buying a new putter or working on technique with a coach, the ClubWorks team is known to give unbiased opinion. Our mission is to help you play better golf. 

Remember, the handicap doesn't decide your golf clubs. The clubs decide your handicap! 

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