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You can't deny that you have never thought about hitting your long irons better. Whether it's height, distance or to just stop the ball on the green, equipment plays a big role. It's not about forgiveness. Believe us, we know! 

Here are three ways you can hit your long irons better.

In an effort to gain more distance, lofts have gotten stronger & it actually has the polar opposite effect. If you are unable to generate enough ball speed, your shots will lack spin. Spin helps with launch, height & overall time of flight. If you are playing stronger lofts, you may get higher ball speed, but the ball is not going to carry far enough to get the most out of shot. Hence, terming it to be a "poor iron shot". Understanding the lofts which get you optimal numbers is critical to playing your best. 

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Recreational golfers struggle with an inconsistent swing. This leads to a variation in strike & launch parameters. If launch remains inconsistent, carry distances & stopping potential on the greens. By adjusting the balance point (swingweight) of the club, handling & playability of the club can improve. A relatively higher swingweight can improve (dynamic) loft control allowing you to hit higher & consistent long iron shots.

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There is a tendency, stemming mostly from fear, to hit the long irons slower to get better contact. But many players fail to realise that without swing-speed, it's difficult to generate adequate compression, spin & launch parameters. Additionally, without the right amount of swing-speed, if you have a mishit, the deflection of the face can drastically multiply. A toe impact can lead to an amplified result leading to a miss towards the right & vice-versa. 

So, fear not, & swing your long irons, just like your short irons! 

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