A Professional Golfer's Hunt For Distance
No matter the handicap, everybody wants to improve. Especially when it's a scratch golfer who happens to be a Professional. 

To be a fantastic ball striker, you need to compress the ball. That takes place with a reduced launch angle, high ball speed & centered contact. But! A lower launch angle will reduce your driver carry as well. Swinging at 108mph, the player was underperforming with a 270y carry. The struggle? Low launch, spin rates & just not enough ball speed. The player continued to get stronger with a proper strength & conditioning, but the equipment could not keep up.

Pre-fitting Specifications:
Driver Head: SIM 10.5° 
Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD IZ 6X
Grip: Golf Pride Multicompound Standard
Length: 45"
Swingweight: D0

Before Fitting

Using a X-stiff (low launching) shaft is not feasible if we need to increase launch. Considering the physical conditioning of the player, we thought of utilizing 70g + shafts. Upon switching to a LAGP Tour AXS Red shaft, we noticed considerable improvements. Dispersion improved by over 20 yards while the overall carry increased by 24y (with a 10deg TSR3 head, adjusted to 11.5 deg). By using the CG settings on the driver head, we were able to increase the clublength by 0.25" from the current driver. 

 This would lead to overall playability & percentage fairways hit. 

Recommended Specifications:
Model: Titleist TSR3 10° (adjusted to 11.5°)
Shaft: LA Golf Tour AXS Red 6S / ~75g (Stiff)
Length: 45.25"
Grip: Standard - Tour Velvet 360 (Player preference) 
Buildup: N/A 
Adapter: B4
Swingweight: D3

After Fitting: TrackMan numbers


By harnessing the athletic ability of this player, we were able to produce fantastic results. It takes a lot of trust & we are grateful for such opportunities everyday. 

Every player, amateur, professional or recreational, deserves this very same tour-level service. Contact us & let's get you fit asap. Click here to book. 


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