Improve With The Right Training
With the sheer volume of marketing content, influencers & golf companies pushing you to buy, it becomes difficult to know how you can actually improve your game. 

Let's discuss 'Training Aids'. 

As club fitters, we can uniquely gauge performance deficiencies in a player. An unbiased opinion which is only focused on a single objective. 


Use the right training aid, throw in a pinch of effort, garnish it with time & voila, you get improved scores & a dropping handicap. Here are three such training aids & more importantly, how they can improve your game.

Searching for that "swing thought"? Learn how to putt better with an "in-to-out" club path, control distance & direction. 

Developed by world renowned "putting guru" Phil Kenyon using the Capto Putting Device, the Mi-Template has successfully managed to link club path with club face & loft delivery at impact.
How does it work?
a) Pick the template by comparing your posture & putter handle position. 
b) Use it 15mins before you get on to the course. 
c) Focus on one aspect at a time i.e club path, face angle, loft.
d) Practice when you have time & make slow deliberate movements to inculcate it into your muscle memory. 

2022 U.S Open Champion Matt Fitzpatrick practices daily with the Template.

 From helping you hit it far to even hitting straighter shots, increasing your swing speed can help you in all sorts of ways. Lifting weights, exercising in general will help you but it's difficult to translate those "gains" into your actual swing speed. Unless you train with intent, it's difficult to see measurable improvements on-course. 

With Superspeed Training, it's easy to train, maintain & see results. On-video protocols will guide you through the training process. Keep technique, equipment distinct & separate from this type of training. Superspeed unlocks power by opening up neurological pathways. Technique is kept separate as it's pure skill. Speed training is an athletic endeavor. So, whether you are a male/female adult, senior or a junior player, speed training helps everybody.

All it takes is 30 mins a week! 

How does it work?
a) Find an open space about the size of 25 x 25 x 11 ft. A gym or park or even the driving range is ideal. People have trained in their balconies during the COVID lockdown as well. 
b) Queue up the training protocols on YouTube or Superspeed's official website. Set up your phone, iPad or Laptop for ease of use. As you get used to the specific protocol, you may not need visual guidance. 
c) Follow the protocol to the letter. Do not deviate. Give your best!
d) Stay consistent (like any other training) to get the most out of the training aid. 

Padraig Harrington - Superspeed Training

Learning the golf swing is not easy! We all know that. It takes hours of repetition, on-course practice & perserverance to become better. Club-path, swing plane & face angle are critical parameters to focus on. So, if you hit a slice/hook, struggle with launch or just struggle hitting solid shots, this training aid may just change your game. 

The Swing Plane Perfector (SPP), is the tool to use to become a good golfer. Easy to carry, setup & learn with this tool. Yes, it's pricey, but once you start, it will stay with you forever. Use it on the range or while you warm-up but it's a must have for your practice regimen. Improve alignment, clubpath, face angle, & mechanics to improve your game. Used by the likes of Tommy Fleetwood, Rory McIlroy & Matt Fitzpatrick on a regular basis. 

How does it work?
a) Place the base plate 8-13ft behind your golf ball. Align the centre alignment stick with your feet line.
b) Setup the SPP with the same lie angle of the golf club you wish to use. Use the adjustable dial for this purpose.
c) Practice with purpose, take your time & learn to be patient. 
d) Stay consistent & give your best. It's all about that focus. 

Tommy Fleetwood - Swing Plane Perfector


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