How often should you change your wedges
Does the face of your wedge look worn? Or grooves appear to be "folded" or not similar depth like the image below? Is your golf ball rolling out more on the greens than you remember? It might be time for a new wedge!

Do you know what directly creates spin? (Hint: grooves don't create spin).

How often should you change your wedges?

Friction creates spin. So when your face looks the one above, that means that the grass,

moisture, dirt, and other debris have nowhere to go but in-between the ball and the face of your wedge. The ball will typically end up making an impact high on the face -- you should see a grass, dirt, or wet spot there. Try it out for yourself!

You might be practicing during the day, when it's drier or around your club chipping green that only has "fairway" or '1st cut' lies -- you won't really see what happens until playing your round and that chip that was so easy on the chipping green turns into a long putt save for your up and down.


Thumb rule: At least 1x per year for high use wedges - LW or SW. To learn more about how we fit wedges, Make an appointment, or message us below with your questions.


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