Putting: Distance Control

It’s always a good time to practice your your putting. If you are at home, on the road and need a simple way to evaluate your progress, there is not better product that the Visio MiTemplate.

Want to start avoid those three putts or lengthy "come-bakers", we've got a great way for you to use your Visio MiTemplate. If you are looking for more consistency, then keeping the same tempo for your putting stroke is critical - just vary the length.

In the image below you can see that if you make the same tempo stroke but just vary the length that the ball will roll farther. Using the template place two balls on either side of a face line and see how far the ball rolls. Move the two reference balls back and check the distance again. Now we suggest that you also observe these points in relation to your back foot/toes. That way, once you get on the course you have way to relate to that length. Like the image suggests, we often use a camera above our position to be able to review it later.

This is just one of the awesome ways to use this putting aid to improve your putting performance.

Create by one of the worlds top putting Coaches, Phil Kenyon, this performance proven putting aid should be in every players golf bag and used for practice sessions and prior to playing a round.

Questions? Please post below or send us a message!

Practice this at home and you will be a master at distance control on the greens!

This putting aid is one of our top sellers and is used by professionals, amateurs, and recreational golfers around the world.


putting distance control drills

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