Putting Webinar with Davide Bertoli



Putting Webinar with Davide Bertoli

Are you a coach/professional/amateur looking to take your skills to the next level? Here's an excellent opportunity to learn from the best! Davide Bertoli dives into the putting technique, skills and the @captogolf device.

💡Here are some of topics that he will discuss:

🔸 Essential in putting. what do you need to look at during a putting lesson or fitting

🔸 What are fundamentals & preferences in putting

🔸 Why and how technologies are important in coaching.

🔸 Capto introduction. Know more about Capto technology

🔸 How do your achieve results with your students or as a player using technology

🔸 Capto with juniors: How juniors have fun using capto.

🔸 Fitting introduction: what is essential in fitting and what are the 3 most important things for a basic fitting

🔸Statistics in putting, how it works and why is so important to track it. Davide Bertoli, known as DBProGolf, was born in Iseo on the 3rd of May 1988, he became a golf professional winning the qualifying school in 2008 at the National Golf Club in Rome. He graduated in Economics and Business at the University of Brescia, while he was studying, David was able to take part in Amateur and Professional tournaments.  In 2020 he has become Capto Golf Head Educational for Asia, the 3D Putting Analysis System.

Workshop fee: USD35

Payment method: Paypal

To join, send an email to info@dbprogolf@gmail.com or an Instagram message to: dbprogolf


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