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Playing golf with your friends is one of the best ways to spend your time away from the busy life of most cities. However, as the weather gets good, the sun also starts taking its toll. And while hats work fairly well, you often need a bit of extra protection for your eyes.

Getting the best golf sunglasses will not only protect your eyes from UV-rays but will also enhance your vision by increasing the contrast and help you make more accurate reads on the greens. Depending on the tint, some models will also help you find your golf ball easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are polarized lenses better for golf glasses?

What polarized glasses do best is to remove the glare when the sunlight bounces off horizontal surfaces. And what has more horizontal surfaces than a large golf course, right? However, polarized lenses can also mess with your depth perception, which is why some professional players avoid them.

Are sunglasses good for playing golf?

Playing golf with sunglasses has a lot of advantages. First and foremost, it protects your eyes from the dangerous UV rays. In addition to that, it clears up your view, improves the contrast, and helps you get more accurate reads on the green. Last but definitely not least, having a good pair of gold sunglasses will help you find the ball much easier thanks to the improved contrast.

What color polarized lens is the best one for playing golf?

Since any typical golf course is surrounded by fairways and greens, you will need glasses that improve your contrast and definition for these colors. Lenses colored amber or brown have some of the best tints when it comes to golfing. Other glasses with more neutral tint colors are also acceptable but won’t improve much of the game but would rather just keep your eyes safe.

Does blue tint on your sunglasses help you find golf balls easier?

As we discussed, the improved contrast that most golf sunglasses provide is already good enough to help you spot golf balls. However, sunglasses with a blue tint will increase the brightness of white objects such as golf balls. This will make the ball almost shine through the glasses, making it much easier to spot even from a distance.

Finding the best golf sunglasses shouldn’t be a very difficult task. After you’ve set your mind on a specific style, pay closer attention to some of the details about the glasses. Make sure you choose a model with a good grip and a lightweight frame. That will ensure they stay on your head even after a heavy swing. As for the lenses, the important factors you need to consider are their coverage, the contrast-enhancing tint, polarization, and the material they’re made from. A good pair of sports sunglasses should be impact-resistant and have a mirror coating to tackle the bright sun.

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