What's Up With These Golf Shafts?

Every swing cannot be perfect; we all know that. But that's when optimising your equipment can help you. Make your golf clubs reliable & the days when you aren't swinging well, won't be that much of a problem anymore.

The shaft is the most underrated component in a golf club. It acts as the "transmission" & helps with increasing control of the club face. 

Shafts mainly control two parameters - Face Angle & Loft. That works the same way for every club in your bag; from the driver to the putter. Through clubfitting, the goal is to mesh your ability to generate power with the right shaft so that you can deliver a square clubface & optimum dynamic loft. 

Here, a co-relation can be noticed between how a change in shaft "flex" leads to an improvement in dispersion. We switched from a higher torque variant to a lower one & instantly, saw an improvement by moving impact closer to center. By optimising the club face at impact, a player can easily gain upto a club's worth of yardage, 10% more height & improved distance control. 

TrackMan - Impact Location

TrackMan - Impact Location - After

Do not ignore the advantages of upgrading your shafts. At ClubWorks, our team of professional clubfitters can help you improve your game without breaking the bank! It's proven to reduce your handicap by simply modifiying your equipment. Book your session today! 

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