Iron Assessment: What, Why & When?

Fittings or as we call it, an "assessment" for your irons is critical to playing your best golf. 50% of your bag can be made bulletproof by employing tour-level protocols. 

What is an Iron Assessment?
A 1-on-1 session which covers every aspect of an iron. From clubhead design, shaft, grip & specs. With data being covered by a TrackMan, the session is exactly what tour professionals go through on the PGA, DP or LIV Golf Tour. The hour to hour & a half long session is conducted with a fitter who works with you to find you the best possible option. Factors such as player's physical conditioning, financial constraints & future in the game are taken into consideration.


Why do I need an Assessment? 
Many players do feel that you have to have a certain level of expertise to be fit at such specificity. But! Recreational players (like the author) need more help from equipment as our technique is not optimized. A professional golfer has that skill set owned whereas weekend golfers just do not have the time & resources to be hyper-focused on technique. Technology can be your friend. For example, reducing the loss of distance on a mishit or commonly known as "forgiveness", can be built into a custom set.

When should I get an Assessment?
There is no such specific time. Once a year is recommended so that you can test all options in the market & compare. Our performance benchmarks are simple. An improvement of 5-10% is amazing & the player may choose whether he/she needs to change their clubs. 10-15% improvement is very high & you would be suggested to go ahead with the new set. 

Remember, the handicap doesn't decide your golf clubs. The clubs decide your handicap! 


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