The Ultimate Driver: Shaft & Launch Profile
A common question has always been - "which type of shaft should I play - High or Low launch?"

As professional fitters, we see a lot of players making decisions driven by ego rather than functionality & necessity. It's important to get fit for shafts based on your swing. Not every swing is perfect! But the driver shaft can help you reduce errors & increase forgiveness. 

We'll be talking about how "kickpoint" (launch profile) of a shaft can influence how well you hit the driver. Here, the player was struggling with lack of consistent contact which led to poor distance & a drop in confidence. 

Using the Stealth Plus driver head, standard Golf Pride Tour Velvet grip, here we compare the stock ProjectX HZDRS Red (high launch) & Mitsubishi Kurukage low-launch shaft. For a fair comparison, they are both 45.75", 60g stiff shafts. 

High Launch: ProjectX HZDRS RED - Stock 

Low Launch: MCA Kurukage - Aftermarket

Concluding on a "high" note, we gained 27 yards of just carry while almost 36 yards in roll. That was accomplished by matching up swing dynamics to shaft profile. The player's method to generate power adds a tendency to deliver high loft. That inturn adds more spin & inconsistency of ball flight. A low launch shaft delivers lower loft which in-turn increases ball speed & reduces spin. This is just one example of how shaft mechanics can help you improve your game. Adding almost 30 yards can be of great help when you are trying to reduce handicap. 

It's important to not only just get fit, but also to use data to figure out the patterns in your swing. Perspective is critical & data helps you get on the right vantage point. Working with our fitters is an experience, unlike any other. 

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