Start Hitting Bombs! The Key Levers to Adding Distance to Your Game

Adding distance to your game is the most significant way to lower your scores! The distance revolution is here and the name of the game is high launch and low spin. Here’s a quick insight into each area aspect! 


  • Heads: If you haven’t changed your head in 3-5 years, it’s time. Advancements in materials, weight distribution generate more ball speed with lower spin. 
  • Shafts:  While getting the right length and launch profile are major keys to the right shaft, the weight and weight distribution have the ability to increase swing speed like never before. 
  • Grips: The wrong grip size could be the reason for poor contact and face control. Yes, it's thing!
  • Ball: Don’t get confused by the marketing - getting the right ball can make the difference in holding a green, carrying over water or staying out of the jungle! Get fit for the right golf ball today.

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Fujikura Ventus TR Wood Shaft


This should be the first step in your journey! It will provide the necessary inputs to direct you to where you will get the maximum value. Focus on these at first to get you going:


  • Swing Speed
  • Dynamic Loft 
  • Angle of Attack
  • Face to Path

Key Products:  Trackman Assessment 

TrackMan 4


Usually overlooked and often misunderstood, fitness training is lever that has the most potential long-term. Don’t assume that your standard fitness regime is what you need. There are some great resources out there including a major one from the Titleist Performance Institute. While staying healthy is the first key, building rotation power through focused training is the goal. Need a jump start, Swing training aids like Superspeed and the Force Pedal can give you that much needed structure and push towards more club speed - adding 5mph in the first 30 days is doable! 


  • Rotational Power
  • Speed Training

Key Products: SuperSpeed and Force Pedal 

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