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Golf is an expensive game, and an overlooked tool that can help improve your game is managing your golf budget. Yes, buying brand-new clubs and showboating them while you're on the course is fun, however, these brand-new clubs are expensive and depreciate their value incredibly quickly once the protective plastic has been taken off. 

    Buying cheap golf clubs used to be a pretty risky gamble but with the growth of technology, the second-hand golf club market is booming. Manufacturers are pumping out new products regularly, resulting in a considerable amount of second hand, preowned, hardly used equipment out there ready to be bought at a bargain price.

    So how do you identify what to pick and what to ditch? Visiting a local fitting-expert like the good folks here at ClubWorks is a start. We stake our reputation on whatever we sell, be it new or pre-owned golf clubs. When we take a club in, we carefully grade the club, noting any defects, dings, or scratches, and put said club for sale; we price the club accordingly.

    Beyond our surface inspections, we offer the choice to modify the pre-owned club to the customers preference. We offer the option for customizing your grips and shafts for every product we have listed, regardless if they are pre-owned or brand-new sets. Apart from the option of switching grips and shafts, ClubWorks also can refurbish to remove any scratches or dings on chrome coated metal clubs. 

To ensure we sell pre-owned clubs that are in line with company specifications we first check and measure the Loft, Lie, Length of each club, and offer adjustments for the same, depending on the requirement of the customer.

Our emphasis for quality control doesn't stop there. We Only list products that are higher in resale value and through modification we ensure the only thing you settle on is a second-hand price, and not the performance. 


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