The Ultimate Driver: Length of the Club
Custom fitting is somewhat of a misunderstood term. Many think that you have to be a professional to undergo a fitting or need to spend a bucket-load of cash to get that perfect driver. That's not really the case.

Fittings, or as we call them, ASSESSMENTS, are a 45-90 min session where we first try to optimize your current driver setup & if required, we upgrade with shafts, grips or just modifying specifications.

Let's take the example of our staffer, Aman Raj. Currently, a member of the Professional Golf Tour of India & Asian Tour, AR has been training hard in the gym to gain more speed but was still struggling with distance.

Multiple heads & shaft combinations were tried. We narrowed down to the 2021 Callaway Epic Speed driver at 10.5° with the Fujikura Ventus VeloCore Black 6X. The confusion still remained about the length. His current driver was at 45.25" & the miss was always a right push.

45.25" driver length

We quickly realized that the length of the driver prevented Aman from clearing his hips. Even though he managed to square the club-face at impact, the impact was towards the toe & he lost club head (upto 3-4 mph). The toe impact, causes enough torque to push the face open & start the ball towards the right.

The solution? We asked Aman to choke down on the club by 0.25" (A finger's width).

Driver centre impact | Aman Raj (Asian Tour)

Instantly, we saw a gain of 2-3mph club-head speed & the ball started on a neutral start direction (dead straight!). Aman's swing infact is very similar to any recreational golfer as well. A lot of dynamic movement which needs equipment tuned for it.

Driver Specifications:
Head: Callaway Epic Speed 10.5°
Shaft: Fujikura Ventus Black 6X
Grip: Golf Pride Multi-Compound Black Standard (Logo Up)
Length: 45"

At times, it's just simplicity for optimal functionality. Visit us at the ClubWorks studio & get fit today! Let's make you the ultimate driver of the ball.

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