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Getting fit for a putter is often done by having a player focus on feel and brand. While this can work on a random basis, fitting a putter isn't just art or based on feel. If you are willing to purchase a putter for Rs.15,000/- 40,000/ shouldn't you know if they dynamics of the head shape, face, shaft, and grip are a match for your stroke? A good putter combined with the correct technique can work wonders for your game. Ultimately, it's all about making those putts.
Step 1:
Our years of experience working with industry experts has given us an insight on how a player can aim better & make more putts. We achieve this by using an Visio Laser & Visio Aimboard. Eye dominance & basic setup are contributing factors to achieving precise aim. Once a player is aware of his/her mistake, it's easier to inculcate good habits.

Step 2:
After that we look at the head design that best suits a players stroke type. We use the Capto Putting system. This device allows us to "zero-in" on every aspect of the putting stroke. An important aspect to pay attention to is 'Face Rotation'. It is affected by the position of the hosel, toe hang & head shape. For a player struggling with large variation in face rotation, we look at utilizing mallet type of putter head. Blade design for players who do not close the head efficiently.

Step 3:
Using parameters like Severity & Handling, we can assess which grips work for the player. Using the correct grip affects face rotation, dynamic loft & start direction. Here, we help a player transition from a stock thin Lamkin grip to a SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0.
This is excessive face rotation & explains the loss of energy due to toe-impacts. The player also struggles with start direction & distance control.

We reduced face rotation by 3°/s by switching to a SuperStroke Traxion Tour 2.0. Instantly, the player achieved better contact, improved start direction & better roll.

Buying a new putter "off-the-rack" without knowing if the putter works for you harms your wallet & your game. Investing an hour of your time & 1% of the average putter cost will make your purchase cou

Get Fit & Improve your Golf Today!
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