Stuck at Home? Lockdown?  Here are some ways to improve your Golf!

Don't feel like you have to let your golf game wither away during this time. There are plenty of activities you can do. In today’s post we’re going to break it down and give you a blueprint of different areas you can cover. Let’s start with the basics: 

1.    Fitness 
2.    Practice 
3.    Education 

Each aspect of your golf game can be broken down into some main areas. 


1.  Flexibility 
2.  Strength 
3.  Mindfulness 
4.  Diet 

PGA Tour player Viktor Hovland training with Superspeed




1.    Putting Drills 
2.    Full Swing 
3.    Chipping 



1.    Rules 
2.    Golf Books 
3.    Golf Movies

Tip of the Day: Do some research on an area that interests you and you might just discover something cool and learn something you didn’t know. Fitness: Do some stretches, being at home your body becomes very idle so be sure to actively engage yourself and keep yourself fit. Practice: start off by analyzing your game, identify what your strengths and weaknesses are. You can come up with a plan to work on improving only if you know what to improve! 

Education: Keeping yourself up to date with the rules of golf is always helpful and makes the game easier for you to play. Making yourself familiar with a rule everyday barely takes any time and goes a long way.  

Stay tuned as we go through and cover a topic every day. You’ll find your golf muscles, knowledge, and interest levels way higher when you return to the course.

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