How to identify you need new Iron heads?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to changing your golf equipment, some gear like your putters will probably show no signs of wear and tear for years on end and some equipment like your shoes or grips may not survive after a couple of months depending on the conditions you usually play in. 

As mentioned before, putters don’t usually wear out and some golfers actually like having an old weathered putter as they get used to the feel of it. However, wedges in the meanwhile, don’t last as long as putters as they lose their ability to grip the ball and spin it as their grooves get ablated over time. 

Irons are a little harder to understand for a recreational player when it comes to its longevity. Most pros on a tour tend to change to the latest set of clubs depending on their brands or eventually replace them with a fresh set of the same clubs after a season, because of how often they practice and play. 

So how does one know when they need to replace your iron heads you may ask? Since a club can be split into three sections, i.e., the head, shaft and grip, all three of them can be individual factors as to why your irons may need replacing.

The primary reason behind changing your iron heads are worn grooves. It should be a habit to check the grooves of every iron in your bag before and after you play a round of golf as worn out grooves will have you struggling to get the same amount of spin on the ball as usual. For a recreational or amateur golfer, due to inconsistencies, they tend to hit the ball in various spots on the iron and this can produce a range of inconsistencies, especially when grooves begin to wear away. If you are unsure about how fresh grooves are different from worn grooves, you can always compare the iron you use most with the one you use least and you will see the difference.

Another factor that affects longevity of your irons is that irons bend over time with usage. The more an iron bends, the more chance the loft of the irons will change. If you feel your shots are becoming increasingly higher or fluctuating distance, the lofts could have changed.

 This can easily be solved by visiting us at ClubWorks, where an expert custom fitter will check the irons for you and if possible, change the lofts or they may recommend you purchase a new club.


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