How often should you change your shoe spikes

While playing a round if your golf ball gets scratched, you never hesitate to get it a fresh new one. You replace your grips the moment they show any signs of wear and tear, gloves probably won’t even last for more than a couple of games, but one thing golfers tend to overlook are their shoes. 


Primarily, golf shoes are essential to your swing as they help your feet get some traction which allows you to generate enough power in your swing to hit your desired shot. This traction is offered by those small molded plastic nubs or screw-in spikes, and eventually over time they get worn-out. It's inevitable.

Since a golfer’s footing is the principle point behind their swing, worn-out shoes could very well impact your game negatively. As a direct determiner of success on the course, what do you do when your shoes give out?

Contrary to popular belief, you really do not need to buy new shoes every time your spikes wear out, you can if you really want to blow your cash, but the safer and cheaper alternative is always to get your old spikes replaced with new ones. Shoemakers suggest that you replace your spikes every 12-20 rounds but it is considered a safe bet to replace your spikes every 25-35 rounds. 

Weather and climate also need to be factored in as playing on particularly firm turf or drier conditions would result in spikes getting worn-out faster due to the increased friction with the firm playing surface.

Replacing your spikes is an easy process and way cheaper than buying new shoes. Most modern golf shoes have a pair of threads in which soft-style spikes go with the help of a spike wrench. All you need to do is twist until the spikes come off and screw in your replacement spikes and tighten them to stay in place. 

This simple process will help you save plenty of money, help you feel more comfortable on the golf course and keep you in those shoes you've so nicely grooved over the years. 

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