Srixon ZX5 MKII 2023 Iron Set (Right Hand)


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Introducing Srixon ZX5 Mk II Irons: The ZX5 Mk II irons combine operability, forgiveness, and feel with the fastest ball speed in Srixon's history and sharp form brought about by the "MAINFRAME Mk II" . In addition to excellent ball speed, it is an almighty iron that balances appearance, spin, and operability.

Providing golfers with the ultimate set of clubs that give you total control and incredible distance unlike any other, it’s time to take your game from cautious to confident with the ZX5 Irons. Don’t believe us? Feel it for yourself - the proof is in every swing.



Technology of the innovation that pursued further ball speed, and evolved - The further evolved "MAINFRAME Mk II" produces amazing ball speed, achieving great flight distance and accuracy.

The "speed groove" grooves placed around the periphery of the face and the optimal face thickness design further increase the deflection of the face and improve repulsion performance.


Outstanding stability and operability - The new “TOUR VT SOLE” has even better release at impact due to the optimal design of the sole shape and bounce angle.

Take control of your shot - Optimal design of the bounce angle according to the swing trajectory. By minimizing contact with the turf on various shots, it provides a sharp feel and greater stability.

Achieving good swing through in every lie angle - By rounding the toe and heel part and adding a step, it realizes good release at impact.


Spin control performance with improved accuracy - "Groove design for each count" that produces optimal spin and demonstrates performance according to the situation. The long to middle irons (#3 to #7) have wide and shallow grooves to optimize spin and achieve stable flight distance in all conditions. The grooves of the short irons (#8-PW) are narrow and deep, and by increasing the number of grooves, the spin performance is improved especially in wet conditions such as rough, and the variation in spin due to differences in lie angle is reduced.

Available in multiple shaft & grip options. If you can't find the shaft and grip combo you're looking for please get in touch with us.

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