Pure Midsize Putter Grip


Colour: Pink
Rs. 1,650
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No hard or sharp edges! The PURE Midsize Putter offers optimal tackiness and feedback.  

PURE Midsize Putter features a larger flat paddle design than the PURE Classic Putter.  The larger diameter of the PURE Midsize Putter grip was designed to provide maximum grip comfort and better control on the green.  Engineered to activate a slightly lighter grip pressure, the PURE Midsize Putter offers optimal tackiness and feedback with each putt.

TEXTURE & FEEL: Soft & Tacky



Top Cap 1 in from Bottom
1.01 in x 1.06 in   
   25.7 mm x 26.9 mm
0.95 in x 0.82 in
24.1 mm x 20.8 mm

TEXTURE & FEEL: Soft & Tacky

CORE SIZE:   .580 round

GRIP WEIGHTS: Weight variance +/- 1 gram


Delivery: ClubWorks Express service (48 hours to tier 1 cities)

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