Mitsubishi Diamana™ GT-Series Driver/Fairway Wood Shaft (0.335")


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The third installment in the 5th Generation Diamana™ family has arrived with Diamana™ GT. Designed based off the multiple-major winning 4th Generation Diamana™ ZF profile, the mid-launching, mid-low spinning Diamana™ GT incorporates several new technological advancements into an existing successful structure. Diamana™ GT was constructed with our breakthrough, proprietary Xlink Tech™ Resin System, a new technique that allows us to reduce the resin content of the shaft for the best feel possible while not diminishing the overall strength of the product. Featuring a firmer butt section than its siblings Diamana™ TB and Diamana™ PD, GT creates more flexibility in the shaft’s midsection while maintaining a firm tip.

Fitters around the world will also appreciate the use of Consistent Feel Design™ in the new Diamana™ GT. Consistent Feel Design™ minimizes variance in butt OD, weight and balance point across various weights and flexes, with the intention of making the shafts feel the same as you move between different weights and flexes in a fitting environment.

Key features include:

• Following Diamana™ TB and Diamana ™ PD, the new Diamana™ GT brings a profile that sits in between that launches lower than TB and spins more than PD

• Designed to evolve and elevate 4th Generation Diamana™ ZF with the addition of Xlink Tech™ Resin System and Consistent Feel Design™ to existing structure that includes MR70 and boron fiber

• Uses Xlink Tech™ Resin System to drive down resin content for best possible feel while creating a more stable, stronger, carbon-rich structure

Who it’s best for? Diamana™ GT-Series is ideal for players seeking mid flight, stiffer tip while retaining maximum feel and responsiveness. Excellent option for players who require lighter shafts & need to reduce spin as well. 

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