Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Driver/Fairway Wood Shafts (2020)


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C6™ Blue is a smooth, well-balanced profile designed to perform for a wide range of player abilities. It’s the perfect balance of performance and playability. Optimized shaft frequency, weight, torque, profile, launch and spin, to help individual players hit it as long, straight and as consistent possible.

C6™ Red is a more active profile engineered to help players of all skill levels maximize their launch conditions and carry distance. It’s higher launching trajectory and draw bias characteristics are a perfect compliment to the C6 Blue design.   

Customize the shaft for your club with a quick & simple process:

  1. Enter the model & type of club you need the shaft for. A shaft undergoes different preparation with regards to tipping. Also, some clubs need adapters before they can be attached into a head.
  2. Let us know if you have any special trimming instructions for our fitters. Tipping can influence launch characteristics by playing with the flex of the shaft. If you are confused, get in touch with us & we can help you out. Please note: Value entered will be assumed as additional trimming to existing shaft instructions for certain clubs.
  3. Enter your required length: The club will be built to default length as mentioned by the manufacturer if no value is mentioned by the customer. The value entered will be accepted as finished length. This includes the length added by the grip end which is generally only 0.25".
  4. Enter adapter type: every company has it's own type of adapters. (Charges are extra)
  5. Select grip: Select from a variety of grips & sizes. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, get in touch with us & we can source it for you. (Charges are extra)
  6. Choose orientation of installed grip: Some players like 'Label/logo down' as it maintains their focus on the club-head while some are traditionalists. It's your choice!
  7. Select amount of build-up tape. You can also add in if you have any additional instructions are like grip per hand. By default one single layer of double sided high quality tape is used.

Every build is undertaken with the highest quality standards in the industry. Special care & time is spent to ensure each build is done properly. As per International Club Builders guidelines, every build is done to match Tour standards.

Delivery: ClubWorks express service (48 hours to Tier 1 cities)

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