Lamkin Flat Cat TAK Putter Grip


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The FLAT CAT TAK putter grip has an innovative twist on one of our traditional, 5-star rated products. We simply took the Original FLAT CAT putter grip and gave it a new, tackier feel and sleek black color. This adjustment improves feedback and delivers optimal performance on rainy or humid days. The FLAT CAT TAK retains the same FLAT1 rectangular putter grip technology and Easy-Glide cone as our traditional grips.


  • Unique and proprietary shape immediately improves putting consistency and accuracy
  • The innovative FLAT1™ design squares the handle to the putter face and provides TRU-alignment to the intended target line
  • Featuring the Easy-Glide™ cone for effortless removal from a player's bag
  • Made from a proprietary rubber compound for a tackier, comfortable feel
  • Outstanding performance during humid and wet conditions
  • Unique rubber wrapped foam core provides improved feedback and control


  • Is the flat cat® putter grip USGA approved?

    The USGA has deemed that FLAT CAT® putter grips conform with the Rules of Golf and are permitted for both amateur & professional levels of play.

Slim 8725 1.09 / 64g
Svelte 8726 1.23 / 75g
Standard 8727 1.37 / 92g

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