Fujikura Speeder NX Wood Shafts


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Introducing Speeder NX. For the first time in eight years, the Speeder line has been completely redesigned and features a new, breakthrough technology – Variable Torque Core (VTC).

Developed through our enso® system, Speeder NX is the first Fujikura product to integrate Variable Torque in its design, utilizing premium materials to refine twisting stiffness in specific regions along the core of the shaft.

VTC in Speeder NX focuses on stiffening torque in the tip and handle sections, resulting in increased stability and consistent dynamic loft and face closure at impact.

Speeder NX is mid/high launch, mid to mid/low spin profile.TECHNOLOGY


A technology featured in Speeder NX that leverages premium materials and advanced layup techniques to refine twisting in the core of the shaft in the tip and handle sections.


Our proprietary 3D motion capture system that enables us to efficiently analyze and thoroughly test shaft designs. enso® analytics has helped lead to breakthrough innovations such as VeloCore and Variable Torque

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