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Three models available:

1.  Steel:

Extensions can be used to extend the finished playing length of any steel shafted club. These 12" long steel butt extensions feature an 8 1/2" parallel mid sections that can be cut in the middle to create two 4 1/4" extensions. Each section has a tapered end to perfectly fit inside the shaft being extended. Each extension has a 1 5/8" shaft insertions depth and is chrome plated to prevent rusting.

2.  Aluminium:

Aluminum Shaft Extensions for the steel golf shafts have been re-designed to achieve a much tighter size tolerance. The Aluminum Extensions are designed to perfectly fit most steel shafts with a .600” butt diameter but can be sanded to fit shafts with slightly smaller butt diameters if needed. Durable and the 3” extended length can be easily cut to finished length

3.  Graphite: STD Butt Diameter

     Graphite OS:

Larger diameter butt sizes. Graphite extensions for ultralight shafts. These 3" extensions are made of injection-molded graphite for strength and durability. Choose the extender that fits your shaft. Post OD is .535" and can be sanded to fit most graphite shafts.


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