Callaway Mavrik Max 5 Fairway wood (Right hand)

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Club Details:
Stock Shaft:
Fujikura Vista Pro 60 R
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Standard

Distance That Defies Convention

Our largest and most forgiving head, with two interchangeable weights (14g and 2g) in the sole to promote MAX forgiveness or MAX draw.

  • -Flash Face SS20 + Forged C300 Maraging Steel for Optimized Performance
    Our new A.I.-optimized Flash Face SS20 is forged from exotic materials, which are uniquely designed for each model and loft to maximize ball speed and performance.
  • -Jailbreak + Face Cup + T2C Carbon Crown for Fast Ball Speed and Forgiveness
    We’ve combined our industry-leading technologies to deliver distance, forgiveness and performance from every club.
  • -Progressive Leading Edge for Enhanced Performance
    A unique leading edge geometry in every model for easy launch.
  • -Optimized Weighting for Maximized Distance and Accuracy
    MAVRIK MAX provides two weighting options (14g and 2g) to provide different launch angles, spin-rates and neutral or draw bias for a wide range of players.

  • Shaft Profiles:
    1. Project X HZRDUS Smoke iM10: Mid Launch, Mid Spin: The shot response is there so you know where you hit the ball on the club and if you caught it well, but clean is the best way I can describe it. Now, a golf shaft having such a clean feel isn’t unheard of, but a golf shaft with that feel and this level of stability is pretty uncommon. There’s a smooth flex to it in the lower portion of the middle section of the shaft, but the iM10 still holds up to a hard swing. The Smoke iM10 will be a great option for players that feel the HZRDUS Smoke RDX shafts are too stout for them.

    2. Mitsubishi C6 Blue: Mid Launch, Low Spin: The C6 Blue’s softer tip section transitions to a stiffer butt section, giving you a stronger, more stable feel in your hands.  However, because of the softer tip, you still get a feeling of the club releasing into the ball.  You will get the feeling of stability that’s familiar in a low launch/spinning shaft, but the release of a mid or high-launching shaft. 

    3. Mitsubishi C6 Red: High Launch, Mid Spin: This is great for the smooth tempo, slower swinger who needs help keeping it in the air longer. However, because of the softer tip, you still get a feeling of the club releasing into the ball. 

    4. Graphite Design F-Series: High Launch, Mid Spin: designed with a softer tip and stiffer butt profile and feature a Low Kick Point for higher launch conditions into the air and mid-ball spin. Manufactured under the same tight tolerances and with premium, aerospace quality 40t carbon-fiber materials, the Tour AD F-Series of shafts fall directly in line with all of the other high quality Graphite Design shafts as a complementing Fairway wood shaft.

    5. Project X Even Flow Black: Low Launch, Low Spin: Revolutionary “even” bend profile transfers shaft load more efficiently throughout the swing to create maximum energy release at impact. Provides a powerful flow of energy that feels smooth and delivers great distance.

    The ClubWorks workshop is the only centre in India certified by the International Club Builders guild. Experience the quality, excellence & tour service.

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