Brampton Technology Quick Cure Epoxy set (8oz - 2 Part 4oz bottles)


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Brampton Technology developed this toughened medium-viscosity impact resistant epoxy from requests from a number of our distributors.  They saw the need for a quick curing epoxy that could be dispensed and packaged in squeeze bottles.  The PRO-FIX Quick Cure also needed to have a work time of 5-8 minutes and be playable within 20-30 minutes at room temperature (allow longer for colder temps).   Brampton’s technical team formulated, tested and had this product ready for distribution within 30 days and is now our fastest growing epoxy.  Remember, for golfers with swing speeds over 100 mph add Glass Shafting Beads to increase the structural strength of the bond.

Follow the Eight Step Mixing Procedure to ensure proper bond.

The Safety Data Sheet for this product can be viewed by clicking here.

  • Superior structural bond strength on all shaft types

  • Very easy to use squeeze bottle

  • 1:1 mix ration by volume

  • Cure in 20-30 minutes

  • Easy cleaning

Available in plastic squeeze bottles kit sizes:

  • 8 oz. kit (2- 4oz bottles)

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