Aldila Ascent Driver/Wood Shaft (0.355")


Rs. 15,000
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The ALDILA ASCENT PL was built to provide lightweight performance to golfers seeking more club head speed without sacrificing feel. ASCENT PL uses FlyDrive Technology, an important innovation gleaned from study into high-performance fly-fishing rods. FlyDrive Technology uses a full-length Visco-Elastic Isolation Layer (VEIL) to resist the ‘ovaling’ that shafts experience when under load. This reduces oscillation in the club head and allows the golfer to return the club head to impact squarely for more center-face hits. ASCENT PL delivers speed without sacrificing ALDILA’s signature satisfying feel.

Player Profile: ALDILA ASCENT PL is best for golfers seeking lightweight performance and additional speed without sacrificing stability.

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