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**Sleeper Hit Product for home and or course practice**

It provides you with Swing Speed, Ball Speed, Carry Distance, Total Distance, and Smash Factor for each club. With this simple device, you are not only able to measure your swing data with a golf club, but also with any of the SuperSpeed Golf Training Clubs. We have found that using this launch monitor during our protocols will provide great motivation to make each swing faster than the last. This will optimize the OverSpeed Training effect and maximize speed gains.

New updates with the HS-130 A Model:

  • Extended higher resolution display
  • Higher quality Processor
  • Ability to Toggle Modes of Measurement (Metric / Imperical) 
  • Keeps recent history up to 500 Shots
  • Works indoors into a net or outside at a driving range
  • Higher Quality, Dual, and Faster Doppler Radar Sensor
  • New Scientific Launch Algorithms for Increased Precision and Consistency
  • Improved ability to read high lofted wedges


Purchase this radar for use with the SuperSpeed clubs and while hitting a ball.

What’s inside the box?

  • PRGR Black Portable Launch Monitor: Red Eyes Pocket HS-130A
  • Instruction Manual

Download PDF HERE


At SuperSpeed Golf we believe that creating measurable gains for our players is of the utmost importance. Having detailed records of your speed gains when you begin and go through the work of an Overspeed training regimen is essential to track and accomplish your swing speed goals. We use the PRGR Portable Launch Monitor with many of our players before, during, and after overspeed training sessions to track progress. A great test for every new SuperSpeed Golf user is to hit some golf shots with your driver and average the speed of these drives. Then go through a SuperSpeed Golf Training Protocol and go back and hit a few more drives. We generally see a 5% to 8% increase in club speed during this test (if you are not too tired during the first couple swings!). We also use the launch monitor to measure the speeds of the individual SuperSpeed Clubs. This can help you to maintain the intensity of your training during protocols. Add this launch monitor to any SuperSpeed Golf training system to have another great tool at your disposal to track your progress!

What's inside the bag?

PRGR Portable Launch Monitor: Red Eyes Pocket HS-130A
Instruction Manual
*Batteries not included/requires 3-AAA batteries*

Purchase this radar for use with the SuperSpeed clubs and while hitting a ball.


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