Maltby M-Series+ Wedges (Right Hand)

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Shaft: KBS Tour Wedge flex
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet STD 60R

(or  equivalent options based availability at time of purchase)

M-Series+ Wedges

  • Form Forged from 1025C Carbon Steel for great feel
  • DBM (Diamonized Black Metal) finish is a chemically implanted finish that is more wear resistant, corrosive resistant, and scratch resistant than any current carbon steel finish available.
  • CNC Milled Micro Grooves for increased spin.
  • Classic blade profile appeals to a broad range of golfers
  • Extremely versatile from a variety of sand and turf conditions
  • CNC milled face for optimum spin control from a variety of turf conditions
  • Optimum Mass Placement (OMP) provides stability and improved results on short shots struck towards the toe, the most common miss on chips and pitches
  • Rolled leading edge increases effective bounce
  • Slightly heavier head weights provide great feel for the shorter recommended playing lengths

M-Series+ Tour

  • M-Series+ Tour wedges have .900" sole width designed for golfers with moderate to good short game skills
  • Consistent .900" sole width design allows club face to be rolled open while maintaining effective use of bounce
  • Available in 50 degree loft / 4 bounce, 52 degree loft / 6 bounce, 54 / 10, and 56 / 12

M-Series+ Mid

  • 1.050 consistent sole width is very effective from all types of sand (fine to coarse) and grass (short to tall) conditions
  • Designed for use by players of all abilities wanting or needing more forgiveness from thicker, more challenging lies
  • Available in 54/6, 56/10, 58/8, 60/6 loft, bounce options

M-Series+ Wide

  • The most forgiving sole design in the Tricept Wedge line
  • Combines the classic looks many desires in a wedge with a highly forgiving and playable sole design
  • 1.200 consistent sole width is extremely effective out of all kinds of sand and turf conditions
  • Designed for use by all levels of players seeking a highly forgiving option in a classic design
  • Available in 56/8, 58/6, 60/6, 62/4 loft, bounce options

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