Visio Phantom Target Holes


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*The 'Phantom' Holes are sold in packs of̴ 3*

The Visio 'Phantom' Hole has been designed and made to be used at any location on the putting green, and gives the player the choice of every possible putt during practice.  The hole can also be used both indoor & outdoor too, what ever thee weather conditions.

The hole̴Ì_has been̴Ì_made̴Ì_from a flexible rubber material to help easily contour to̴Ì_any putting̴Ì_surface and̴Ì_any slope. It has a depth thickness of 1mm and measures 4.25" in diameter which accurately represents̴Ì_the size̴Ì_of̴Ì_a real hole̴Ì_used in most̴Ì_putting greens.

Designed with the Visio branding on one side and a blank clean black on the reverse side

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