Titleist AP2 714 Iron Set (4-P) (Pre-Owned | CW Certified)

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Club details:

Head: Titleist AP2
Shaft: N. S. Pro 950 GH R Flex
Grip: Tour Velvet STD
Length: Standard
Loft/Lie: STD/2 Flat

Club condition:
Age: 6 years
Head: 4/5
Groove health: 3/5
Shaft: 4/5
Grip: New Tour Velvets STD will be installed


The 714 AP2 features more meaningful changes under the skin, but not so major that they change the characteristics of the AP2 chassis that has been so successful. Each iron has been designed to match the loft so the long irons have thinner faces than the short irons with the upper cavity face being only 2.1mm thick. This allows it to flex a little more and also creates some extra weight to move lower in the head to lower the center of gravity for more forgiveness.

Like the other irons in the 714 series the AP2s feature a pre-worn leading edge and extra camber on the sole to improve the turf interaction so that the club does not bury itself into the ground as much. This is a good change and you can really feel this, especially in the shorter irons.

Loft/Lie can be adjusted at no extra charge.

If you want different grips or shafts then please get in touch with us and we'll be happy to assist you!

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