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The Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 1+ has two stands which are integrated in the pencil bag and are manually released, so the golf club bag is not touching the grass or flooring, keeping the bag dry (if the golf course grass is wet), maintain cleanliness of the bag, and you can easily pull out your desired club to play. This stand is especially helpful during rainy times, when you decide to continue your golf after the rain stopped, keeping your things inside the pockets dry.


The Callaway Hyper Lite 1+ single strap uses the Comfort Tech™ Strap System having a soft mesh padding and an ergonomic EVA foam core. The single strap is light, easy to put on your shoulder and helps you carry the Sunday golf bag throughout your whole round of golf.


Now your golf clubs can be organized separating the woods, longs irons and short irons. The top has three way full length club dividers so you can get the club faster, and the divider is about 7.5 inches long with a molded handle integrated in the bag, so you can easily put down or pull up your golf bag.

You may place about ten (10) golf clubs into Hyper Lite 1+ pencil bag to make carrying light and you will easily reinsert golf clubs back in the bag. If you really need to use more clubs like fourteen (14) golf clubs, the pencil bag can accommodate, but it will be harder the pull and insert back the clubs in the bag.


Callaway Hyper Lite 1+ somehow solved a common problem of Sunday golf bags that its base easily gets wet. By using water resistant coating at its bottom, the Hyper Lite bag keeps the club inside fairly dry.


Zippered pockets are important for valuable items so they will not be accidentally slip out of the pocket. And there are three zippered pockets in this light weight golf bag which are the velour lined pocket for your valuables or gadgets, a pocket for golf balls and tees, and a spacious pocket for your clothes like extra shirt, jacket, or rain coat. There is also a pocket for your water container.


Believe it or not, a golf bag weighing less than three pounds and having all features mentioned above including a stand, it is a golfers dream who prefers to walk and carry his or her golf bag in the course, you can find it in the Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 1+ Stand Bag!

Truly a great golf bag for walking especially in a hot weather, and it will all the more encourage male golfers and even female golfers to exercise by walking and carry their own golf bags because it is lighter compared to many other Sunday golf bags with stand and the common heavy golf bags.

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