Bettinardi 303SS Wedges (Pre-owned | CW-certified)

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Club details:
Lofts available: 54°, 58°
Shaft: KBS High-Rev Tour
Grip: Lamkin Crossline cord STD

Age: 1.5 years
Usage: Moderate
Head: 4/5
Shaft: 5/5
Grip: 3/5

Now, you can even customise a pre-owned club! Select shaft, grip option, loft/lie etc.

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Bettinardi 303SS wedges are built to be sturdy-feeling, longer-lasting, more forgiving golf clubs to improve your short game. These wedges are forged from 303 stainless steel, a more durable alloy, to provide the performance you need. Bettinardi used their High Helix Cut on the face to create a rougher surface finish, then added their patented Honeycomb face milling pattern to create even more friction between the club and the ball for tighter spin in both wet and dry weather. The versatile C-Groove sole grind is easy to open up around the green to hit flops shots, or hit full shots from the fairway.


  • Forged from 303 stainless steel for a more durable, sturdy-feeling, longer-lasting, and more forgiving golf club
  • High Helix Cut on the face creates a a rougher surface finish for more friction and spin
  • Honeycomb face milling pattern creates more friction and spin in both wet and dry conditions
  • C-Groove sole grind for versatile performance to hit knock-downs from the fairway or open it up to hit flop shots around the green

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