Aerotech H-plus Shaft


Rs. 13,500
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SteelFiber shafts combines the power of graphite with the stability of steel to give golfers accuracy and increased distance, while at the same time reducing the risk of injury, lessening the aggravation of existing injuries and decreasing player fatigue.

An extension of the ever-popular J-series, the new SteelFiber H-tour features a slightly longer parallel tip section that offers greater optimization for every golfer. The SteelFiber H-tour is a true one-of-a-kind in Asia, providing similar performance characteristics of SteelFiber’s tour-winning J-series yet with a little more forgiveness.

The SteelFiber H-plus features a ‘flight control’ design that delivers a higher launch angle and great responsiveness without sacrificing performance. The progressive tip design of the SteelFiber H-plus delivers higher ball flight while still being light on weight and heavy on accuracy and distance control.

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