Inesis Tour 900 Golf Balls (1 dozen, 2020 model)

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The Tour 900 ball is designed for advanced players. It's designed for long drives, and to stop quickly on the green. These are two opposing qualities. When driving, you want a ball that explodes off your driver with little backspin. But when using your wedge, you need maximum backspin. To get both, you need a three-part ball. The core guarantees the ball's initial speed and the urethane cover grips the club face, creating backspin. The Surlyn mantle layer of the Tour 900 ball acts as an interface between the core and urethane cover. This fine-tunes the distance/softness/control ratio.


Complies with maximum ball flight distance standards in the rules of the game.


This ball provides a gentler feel for superior playing comfort.

Directional Control

This ball offers maximum grip on the green.


Urethane provides the outer cover of the ball with moderate resistance.

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